GNSW Roadshow in Thurgoona

Published July 18, 2017 02:09


The Southern Cup has taken many twists and turns lately and for some time was out of sight! However this prestigious cup has made a triumphant return to the Golf NSW headquarters ready to be contested once again. The cup was officially received by GNSW Golf Manager, Graeme Phillipson & CEO, Stuart Fraser whilst at Thurgoona for the GNSW Roadshow.

Monday 17th July 2017
Road Shows demonstrate GNSW commitment to communication with golf clubs.
Date for your diary Tuesday 28th November 2017
GNSW Golf Forum and AGM
First time all golf members will vote for Board members

Important messages taken from today’s Road Show
1. Essential to have a CLUB PLAN for all aspects of activities.
2. Don’t be backward in coming forward to ask for assistance with developing your club’s plan.
3. There is plenty of grant money out there. Make friends with your local, State and Federal Government members and Bernard Bratusa.
4. If clubs do nothing then nothing will change. GNSW offer incredible support from a talented team. Support is a phone call away.

Welcome Address – Stuart Fraser CEO
Points Stuart made:
• Introduced Senior Management Team;
• Good news golf is in good shape;
• Regionally weather issues have caused operational difficulties for some clubs;
• New STRATEGIC PLAN currently being drafted for implementation in 2018 will be launched at GOLF FORUM on 28/11/17;
• Regional NSW clubs have shown lack of planning especially with budgeting;
• Cash management an issue. 6 clubs have suffered fraudulent behaviour and now in financial difficulty - ALWAYS do REFERENCE CHECKS on prospective employees – don’t ‘pass on’ to other clubs staff suspected of fraudulent activity with work reference;
• Nature of golf club business involves handling cash therefore ensure procedures are in place to protect against misappropriation of funds;
• Funding grant attainment – make USE of Bernard Bratusa - grant preparation is his area of expertise;
• Grant application from NSW Foundation is under-utilized - $120,000 annual income from players’ affiliation fees – usual amount of grants approved between $1,000 & $5,000;
• If amalgamating with another club talk to GNSW before amalgamating to get LEGAL ADVICE to ensure contract is fair and equal for all parties involved;
• GNSW has undertaken Research Program asking the question - What does golf do for communities? Investigating the impact of economic, social and health aspects golf offers to the wider community. Much more than a game of golf! FIRST time this type of research has been undertaken for golf. Report soon to be released to all clubs and government.

Bernard Bratusa– Government Relations and Communications
Bernard is currently serving as a councillor on Penrith Council. He has worked for State and Federal Government ministers and spent 25 years in newspaper industry.
Make friends with Bernard if your club would like or needs money!
Following are a number of STATE Grant Programs
1. Community Building Partnership Free Money not dollar for dollar basis. Applications close 9th August
2. Make friends with local member e.g. Greg Aplin he has an annual grant budget of $200,000. Invite Member to lots of your club events, photo in newspaper, Facebook, website - free advertising for your club!
3. Local Sports Grants $50,000 annual budget controlled by State member.
4. Club Grants Scheme category 3 - Annual budget $8 million State funds.
Federal Grant Program
1. Local Sporting Champion - $500
Make friends with your Federal Member.

REMEMBER funds don’t always have to be cash - can be “in kind” (labour) or donations materials etc. when filling in applications.
Make friends with Bernard he’ll help with your club’s grant applications.
Oh! I’ve mentioned that before!

Local Government – COMMUNICATION is the KEY.
Negotiate with Local Council to pay for a golf event. Visitors to town bring money for club, shops, motels etc. GET IN TOUCH WITH BERNARD he can ‘talk the talk’ required in the negotiation process.
State/Federal Governments
Build relationships with your members of parliament. Invite MPs to every important event. Media coverage. Why not ask local member to be Patron of your club. Media coverage good for all parties concerned.

Media – is your link to your community. ‘Sing the song’ of your club to your community. Bernard is a “choir master”! Get in touch with Bernard for his ideas. Phone call to GNSW!

Club Support at Work
Wilcannia with population of 604 is back on course – GNSW assisting with re-establishing their defunct golf course. A golf course. Sand greens of course! No other sport available for school children out there. Teachers enthusiastic to assist.
Keep an eye out for developments at Wilcannia’s Golf Course.

DID YOU KNOW on 1st January 2018 NSW Government’s Rebate Scheme commences?
$100 for every school student in NSW to play golf.
Strengthen friendship with local schools.
Stay friends with your State Member of Parliament!

Golf Events and High Performance – General Manager Graeme Phillipson
Pace of Play – always an issue! Suggestions to improve pace of play:
• Advertise these proven statistics – in one round, with 4 players, if each player saves 5 seconds per shot that = 25 minutes saved per round!
• Introduce 9 holes competitions – can be handicapped on these;
• Have forward tees rated;
• Play READY GOLF! Consider - your course design and set up
- the players
- Ready Golf to be included in R & A’s 2019 Rule Book
Management of play – increase tee time range for smaller fields.

Golf Box Software
Free pennant software for all districts. Watch your club’s email for Graeme’s information on this software. It is sensational and really works. Clubs enter their own results & can view immediately. Don’t miss this email.

Get nomination form and nominate a junior golfer from your club. Doesn’t have to be ‘a rising star’ or junior champion just a young golfer from your club to be one of 66 juniors to play in Pro Am on Wednesday 15th November prior to nswopen. Entries close Sunday 29 October – very strict Conditions of Entry first 66 entries received considered to start. DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY.

New Rules
These are scheduled for implementation in 2019. Clubs are encouraged to respond to Rules Survey. Feedback needed. DRAFT of RULES on R & A Website.
Two versions of Rules
Players’ Edition and Official Complete Edition.
Only subtle changes to rules:
• Make game quicker;
• Will have every-day language easier to understand;
• Caddies not permitted to stand behind their player;
• All golfers must play within 40 seconds;
• Implement maximum number of strokes in a competition – e.g. after 10 shots pick up and move on;
• New rules will be about what YOU CAN DO not what YOU CAN’T DO;
• 3 minutes to search for lost ball.
• Accidently step on your ball in heavy rough NO PENALTY;
• YOU CAN leave flag in hole – NO PENALTY if hit flag stick;
• YOU CAN accidently hit yourself or your equipment NO PENALTY;
• YOU CAN pick up loose impediments in bunkers NO PENALTY but still CAN’T TOUCH sand with your club;
• YOU CAN drop the ball from ANY HEIGHT within 20 inch area NOT a club length; and
• Ball doesn’t land in area TRY AGAIN from any height.

Statistics check these on website Data available online.
Course Rating
Improvements being made, reviewing USGA Ratings. Working through obvious ratings errors. Compare players’ scores on their home course and what they do on other courses.

High Performance
NSW Junior Girls’ team is also NSW Women’s team. Talented young 15 -17 year olds. Need to assist with identification of talent in regional areas.

Club Support – Agronomist Martin Black
Sub-contracted to GNSW. Martin has worked for 44 years as a green keeper.
Need experienced, fresh eyes to check your course?
Board must complete Application Form for support not individual members.
CONTACT Wynter Hines at GNSW and request Application Form for agronomy support. Form will be sent.
Visitation arranged.
Martin will give his advice for consideration by Board and Course Superintendent.

Three Re-occurring Issues 1. Drainage 2. Turf selection 3 Seasonal challenges
Martin suggests clubs consider:
• Bunkers – time consuming, expensive, look at other options e.g. grass swales;
• Tree plantings can cause economical issues as they mature. PLAN AHEAD develop a PLANTING PROGRAM. Ensure this PLAN is presented and accepted by members at an AGM or EGM to prevent sudden changes with new personnel.
• Seasonal challenges - damage from animals e.g. galahs, corellas, kangaroos can be horrendous. These animal infestations can be controlled by licences to eradicate them. Contact Martin if you need advice.
• Tree root management – encroachment needs to be addressed;
• Shade is an issue on northern side of greens; and
• Mother Nature plays the tune and Course Superintendent has to dance to her tune!

Mums and Dads Army without whom majority of clubs would not exist.
Clubs can insure volunteers.
Clubs also must accept Duty of Care for volunteers and provide training on equipment use, safety and health issues whilst working out on course. Should miss adventure occur, following training, individual volunteers are covered if club has volunteer insurance?

Marketing Manager - Piret Elmassian
Marketing is NOT just promotion! Create and market your product.
Attract and keep members. Clubs need A PLAN (there’s that word again! PLAN)
First steps to developing your club’s Marketing PLAN:
• Review what you are offering;
• Understand your customer;
• Understand your competition; and
• Determine your strategy.
Target your market:
• Product;
• Place;
• Promotion; and
• Price.
Promote your product by:
• Word of mouth;
• Emailing – local newspaper – photos + story with local member etc. it’s free don’t need to pay for advertising. People read stories of local interest not advertising!
• Ensuring members know what is happening;
• Sending out flyers;
• Negotiating reciprocal arrangements with other clubs – use all sporting codes;
• Hosting Open Days – not always for golf – family days, market days etc.;
• Using social media; and
• Ensuring information on your website is same as posted on Facebook. If your club hasn’t got a website contact Piret she will help with developing one or advice on improving current website.

Social Media – FACEBOOK:
• It is free;
• Builds loyalty;
• Clubs can “spy” on their competition. See what they are offering;
• Customer support;
• Creates a “human face” in market place; and
• DON’T put advertisements on your FACEBOOK
Managing FACEBOOK Page:
• Need a volunteer who knows how to use and enthusiastic to assist;
• Volunteer needs dedicated time daily to do it;
• Post items regularly;
• Make post interesting – pictures etc.; and
• Get people to reply “LIKE” your posts.
Functionality of FACEBOOK Page:
• Inside page you can see who has looked at it and ‘liked’ it;
• Encourage people around club to send photos;
• DON’T know how to set up FACEBOOK page – Contact Piret she will help you.
• 1st impressions count;
• Easy to navigate;
• No WEBSITE = No Contact;
• Piret will help your club design WEBSITE;
• Apply for NSW Foundation Grant to set up your website:
• Piret can help clubs get $1,000 set up and $600 to host and support;
• Have live feed from Website to Facebook. Yes Piret will assist with this too!

GOLF FOR SENIORS – 55+ years
New golf program.
Clubs were canvassed to run a pilot program. 16 expressed interest with 7 conducting program. In our area pilot program ran at Corowa, Wagga City, Murrumbidgee and Deniliquin. Successful outcome. Now GOLF FOR SENIORS to be implemented by GNSW.
Do you want more people playing golf and spending money at your club?
During October and November GNSW will be canvassing clubs to get ‘on board’ with
• Point of program is to get more seniors playing golf;
• Focus on staying or getting fit and healthy in social atmosphere while having fun;
• 6 week program costing $99;
• 3-4 weeks golf “lessons” given by Pro or Community Golf Instructor followed by 2 weeks out on course with club members for 9 holes then social gathering in clubhouse for lunch/morning tea/drinks etc.;
• PGA endorse GOLF FOR SENIORS program;
• Don’t have a Pro, then recruit experienced club golfer/s willing to do 2 hour on-line training course to become Community Golf Instructor/s. Not an onerous course can be completed in own time over several days 10 minutes at a time if wished; and
• Members keep in touch with new seniors after program finishes, invite new friends to golf and social activities in club or around community.

Point of golf for seniors is to get more playing golf. Some may have played in a ‘previous life’ now retired and time to play. Others are new to golf.
Media Campaign will:
• Inspire;
• Increase players;
• Offer support;
• Use print media via News Corp. GNSW will do all artwork for newspaper;
• Will focus on program offering opportunities to meet new people, stay healthy, widen social circle and be editorial based.

More work for busy club volunteers!
GNSW will take care of ALL administration for FREE. Won’t cost your club a $.
Your club want to take advantage of a State-wide campaign to bring in new senior members?
Clubs must REGISTER on-line.
Need a Pro or trained Community Golf Instructor to run the program.
Ensure story and photos in local newspaper.
Participants must REGISTER and PAY on-line.
When registrations clos, each registered club will be forwarded participants contact details AND their $99 entry fee.
Districts are encouraged to support GOLF for SENIORS.

Andrew focused on game development starting with National Program GOLF MONTH OCTOBER.
Clubs encouraged to participate information already out.
Register on-line to participate in GOLF MONTH. Activities don’t have to be playing golf!
2016 Northbridge GC held a very successful Family Day. Some attendees were enlightened that they were welcome at the golf club whether members or not. They expressed understanding only members were allowed on the course and in the clubhouse. Certainly found out to the contrary.
Andrew suggested some innovative programs:
• Give Golf A Go;
• Hold night markets;
• Par 3 events;
• 9 Holes competitions;
• Family Golf Days; and
• 1 club 9 holes fun event.

• MY GOLF – targets 5 to 12 year old school children;
• SWING FIT - targets 18 – 39 year olds;
• COMMUNITY INSTRUCTOR – on-line 2 hour course;
• PLAY 9 – watch out for this! Play in October. 4 people win place in 9 holes competition to be played after the Australian Open. GNSW will ‘draw’ 2 lucky players from a registered club.

GNSW plans to engage with Social Golf Clubs. Offer opportunity for members to hold an official handicap. Structures will be in place to prevent current club members transferring to a ‘cheaper’ Social Club and still maintain their handicap.

MORE MONEY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
DID YOU KNOW there is District Golf Association funding? $200 available annually to all Districts.
Clubs apply directly to their District. $200 would run a Come & Try Day!

GNSW DEPUTY CHAIR – Michelle Adair
Updated those present on Golf Australia’s ONE GOLF.
GNSW did not and does not support the current structure for ONE GOLF. Original idea was ONE ORGANISATION running Australian amateur golf.

Now there are a set of individual contracts. Each state body negotiates a separate contract with GA. Then is prevented knowing what deal/benefits other states will gain from their contract.
Needs to be open and transparent and currently this is not the case.
GNSW not happy with model around decision making, budgeting and staffing. GNSW would have only one seat at the table.
Hence Golf WA and Golf NSW have said no to current ONE GOLF structure but remain open for continued discussion.
Things need to change for GNSW to support national collaboration.

GNSW economic situation is well above all other state bodies and Golf Australia.
Currently GNSW financial situation is double the combined funds of all other state bodies and Golf Australia.

* * *

Ensure GNSW emails find the right inbox at your club. Know who your club’s primary contact.
Is it too costly for that person to print documents if email address is not the club computer and printer? Funding support maybe available. Ask someone.
Emails default to club president if your club hasn’t advised who should be receiving all the VERY IMPORTANT information.

* * *

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